Locally owned & operated
carpet, upholstery, and tile cleaning.

Quality Counts Carpet, Upholstery and Tile Cleaning is a family-owned business started by owner, Rick Smotryski in 1998 and is locally owned & operated. The company is based in Bradenton, Florida, and offers services for individuals and businesses.​

Service based websites often contain large amounts of text with little to no focus on user experience. As I looked to find examples within their industry (and amongst their competitors), I was left with few examples. I wanted something different for Rick and Keyla, something that wouldn’t immediately upon launch look dated. 

The stated goals were simple: modernize the site, improve the design, simplify the user experience, and make the site Google friendly.

Throughout the process, we maintained focus on the end user and target audience: elderly homeowners with investment properties. The end result is a website that makes them stand out amongst their competitors, and makes it simple for users to find information and acquire online quotes. 

the brief.

services provided: visual identity, design execution, responsive website.

Family run, quality guaranteed

For the casual user, it might be unclear why they should choose one company to clean their homes over any other company. We wanted to make clear that this was a family run business, and they had both the expertise and experience to guarantee their work. 

Quality service, affordable pricing

The services page originally did not give detailed explanations or have a clear call to action. We wanted to both make clear the strengths of the company to site users, as well as make it easy to begin booking once those strengths were evident. 

Simple online estimates

One of the focal points from the very beginning was the improvement of the form for both the end user and the sales team. For the end user, things were made more clear, allowing for real time subtotals as they added various services. For the sales team, the form had to prevent bookings within a 48 hour window, prevent booking on Sundays, and send detailed emails of what the user requested. 

Locally owned & operated
carpet, upholstery, and tile cleaning.

Rick and I both have busy schedules, but you worked around them – thank you for that!

You were also patient with us, as we were not sure exactly what we wanted.

keyla smotryski


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