Education of the
whole person.

Little Flower Catholic School believes in the education of the whole person. Their holistic stance needed a platform for their unique message and a way of both showcasing their beliefs as well as inviting new members into their family.

Little Flower Catholic School is a parochial school in West Pensacola. That particular area of town is impoverished and beauty is not as readily available as it is near downtown or at the beach.

Their former platform had minimal photos, outdated information, and grammatical errors left and right. This Catholic school in a low income area was deserving of something new, something that would display the beauty happening in that community, and I took on the project with great eagerness.

the brief.

services provided: content creation, photography, visual and verbal identity, design execution, responsive website, hosting.

Est. 1946

The landing page of the school was structured to appeal to potential parents and make it easy to answer all their questions about their new school. The vision was born from the phrase “education towards our ultimate destiny.” We wanted the site to pop from the seams with beautiful visuals and compelling photography, have dynamic content hooked in, and invite the user to continue onwards in the site.

Come and see

The marketing pages were structured to make it painless to find answers to any questions parents might have about the academics, athletics, or extracurriculars. As the project progressed, the students were growing excited by the photography and potential for being featured on the site.

Parents and students

The interior pages of the site were structured for current parents and students. There are many documents, forms, and schedules that needed to be accessible, so our focus had to be on structuring it in such a way needed information was not hard to find.

Education of the whole person.

I had the pleasure of working with Kevin in the redesign of our website for Little Flower Catholic School. As the Director of Development, I wanted to help create a new design that shared our mission and vision but that also coincided and created unity with our Parish website. This was not an easy task, but Kevin took my vision and ran with it. 

He created a very unique and functional website that focused not just on the marketing side of design, but was also easy to use for our parents and students.

Once our new site launched it was a huge success. Kevin’s dedication is outstanding!

misty delarosa

director of development



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Cardinal Football

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