preaching the
good news.

Little Flower Catholic Church is a vibrant, multi-cultural community church eager to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ. The visual and verbal identity of the parish needed a total overhaul to keep up with the needs of their growing population.

Little Flower Church is a diverse multi-cultural community based in West Pensacola. Their website was not able to keep up with the continually changing needs of the parish, something that affects many churches.

The site would have to be built from the ground up with all new content and a clear, unifying vision amidst all time and budgetary constraints. Fr. Matthew, the pastor of Little Flower, had a grand vision and high expectations.

the brief.

services provided: content creation, photography, visual and verbal identity, design execution, responsive website, hosting.

A beacon of hope

The landing page of Little Flower Catholic Church was created to capture their essential nature: a vibrant, multi-cultural community church eager to serve Jesus Christ. The vision was that the homepage would appeal to both newcomers to the church, as well as making sure it was easy for parishioners to navigate to what they needed.

The patronness

“Little Flower” is, for some people, an odd name for a church. It comes from a nickname given to a saint in the 19th century. It was important to the project that we well explained St. Thérèse and her significance to this particular Myrtle Grove church named after her.

History and beauty

Though there are many ways the history of a church could be explained, the pastor wanted to do something unique. He commissioned an artist to create a parish seal, deep with meaning an significance in every pixel. It was our job to cut the seal apart and explain the various pieces. We were both very happy with the end result.

How can we help you?

Recognizing there are many ways ministries could be presented, we decided to go with a “clearing page” to help individuals decide which of the particular ministries would be of most help to them. This would serve to show a little bit of the particular ministry before being directed to that page. 

preaching the
good news.

I approached Kevin with a simple dream to have my two separate organizations, with two separate websites, be unified into one website with two distinct parts.

As the pastor of these organizations, this was a part of my greater vision of communicating a unity between our two distinct areas of ministry. It was a huge task, that Kevin accomplished masterfully and beautifully! Through his creative genius and technical know-how, he provided us with one website that communicates my vision of unity, while still being able to serve the unique needs of those who utilize our church or our school.

The difference of where we were before and where we are now is nearly indescribable, but to all of our parishioners and school families, it was immediately noticed and highly praised. 

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