Creating a more
Just society.

Joseph House seeks to prioritize the material, relational, and spiritual needs of those most affected by mass incarceration.

The imprisoned of society are often neglected, set apart, and seen as less than human. Joseph House exists to help accompany the recently released from prison into environments that restore a sense of mercy, stability, and freedom in their lives. 

I was approached to give Joseph House a platform that would allow them to grow (as they had outgrown their Weebly platform). My most responsive client to date, weeks of preparation and one week of building, I am happy to present a ministry that has shown me a different way to view those leaving the prison system.. 

the brief.

services provided: visual and verbal identity, design execution, responsive website, hosting.

Restoring dignity

The landing page of Joseph House was created to tell a story: mass incarceration is a big problem in the United States, and those leaving the prison systems would not leave alone. 

Preventing relapses

The approach of Joseph House is based on the principle of “accompaniment.” This approach mitigates the relapses back into the prison system which affect those without support services. 

We need your help

The website overcame the previous problem of being “text heavy,” by breaking up large amounts of information into digestable bites and making clear ways potential donors to get connected and stay in touch. 

Full reintegration into society.

My experience with Kevin in developing a website for Joseph House was a wonderful experience. Kevin’s approach is very much a collaborative approach with the client. Our conversations and brainstorming sessions bore fruit in the development of our online home.

Kevin’s philosophy in design is truly focused on the dreams of the client when it comes to building an online home and for that I’m most grateful.

fr. dustin feddon

executive director

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