CUstom Work.
any budget.

Custom Texas Living is a San Antonio based small business fueled by a simple belief: everyone should have a custom living space, regardless of their budget. Along with branding and content creation, a unique website was created to house their growing portfolio.

Custom Texas Living is owned and operated by David Williams. A long time friend, I was excited to help tell his story.

David had worked in construction for over 15 years and had discovered two things: constantly wasted materials and high costs for custom work.

Working across hundreds of miles, I helped David with his business plan and developed a platform to showcase his work and educate all he encountered on how to reshape, recreate, and rethink their living spaces. 

the brief.

services provided: content creation, photography, visual and verbal identity, design execution, responsive website, hosting.

No ordinary handyman

The landing page of Custom Texas Living was designed to provide an engaging experience, while offering the potential client a clear call to action, social proof, and a clear differentiation from the average “handyman” company site.

A different approach

It was less important to David to list all the many services him and his team were able to do. Rather, he wanted an approach page to showcase the way he approached the clients that came to him for his services.

The Cherrity Bar

David’s growing portfolio was designed to be inviting and informative, showcasing his work while giving potential clients an idea how long projects with him would take.

CUstom Work.
any budget.

We often hear the term “holistic” in regards to medicine, farming, and education. I personally
would never apply the term to things like computers or technology. And yet it is the best way to describe Kevin’s approach to building, dare I say growing, a website. From the first questionnaire to the final days before launch, his positive attitude and depth of knowledge helped me to clarify my vision.

What impressed me most was he seemed to be constantly learning and improving
his technique throughout the process keeping us on the cutting edge. If we were at 100 the
goal was 110!

If you are just a simple blogger, Kevin is not the man for you. However if you’re serious about your business and having an online presence, hire Kevin.

david williams

Founder & Owner





Burning Bamboo

Woven Gate

Polishing Bamboo

Preparing Bamboo

Painted Water Tanks

Cherrity Bar

Cutting Bamboo

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